About Our Cases

At Creative Mess we aspire to bring you the highest quality phone cases. From preparing, printing and processing your order we make sure that we maintain a high standard all the way through. We are proud of our products and you’ll be proud to have them on your phone too.

Snap Cases

We make our Snap cases in house, they are made from tough but lightweight high quality plastic which is extremely strong, ideal for protecting your phone from bumps and scratches. Our premium gloss coating has a high scratch resistance and the design will not rub off or fade. All controls and buttons are left fully accessible. To put the case on your phone place the side of your phone with the controls and buttons into the case first and then snap the rest of the phone into place.

Slim Cases

Our slim cases are for someone looking for something that is more sleek and subtle. Coming in at only 1mm thick these cases won’t add bulk but are hard enough to protect your phone. The matte textured finish is something we are proud of, words won’t do justice to how good it feels. With eight different colours available there is sure to be a slim case to fit your personal style.