Streets of Rage soundtrack to get vinyl release

Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle in Japan) was Sega’s answer to Capcom’s Final Fight, which at the time only had a console version on the SNES. Sega needed a scrolling beat em up to compete with Final Fight, a triple ‘A’ title and hit in the arcades. There has been much debate about which game is better but one thing Sega certainly won on was the Sound Track. Sega commissioned chip tune music god Yuzo Koshiro to make the sound track which has now gone on to have a cult following. Continue reading

Creative Mess Podcast #4 – Submotion Orchestra

Submotion Orchestra have been known for pushing boundaries with their experimental sound. This podcast is a selection of tracks from one of the founding members and producer/engineer for the project, Ruckspin. In true Submotion Orchestra fashion the track selection draws from many different genres and you can certainly hear some of the music that has gone on to influence their sound. Stream and download the podcast and also read our interview with Ruckspin about all things Submotion Orchestra.

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Streets of Beige – Kill Your Shelf

What was originally a blog for toys, art, illustration, posters, prints and film, Streets of Beige (SOB) is quickly making a name for itself as the lowbrow bootleg toy event and exhibition to go to.  Their events have featured handmade toys by over 30 artists including our very own Wolf Mask & Mr Penfold.  Each artist is tasked with creating a figure that would completely destroy everything around it.  We take a look at some of the toys from their latest exhibition ‘Kill Your Shelf’.

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The making of Typog-RAP-hy – Nathan Evans

We first saw Nathan’s work when it started circulating around design blogs late last year. His use of colour, typography with a hint of graffiti and golden era Rap quotes were right up our street. After some broken promises we finally got Nathan to talk us through the process of putting his Typo-RAP-hy pieces together.

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80s Toys – Instagram of the week

nullWe came across 80s Toys on Instagram and instantly had to follow.  The account is run by Luke Yates, who is an avid collector of toys from the 80’s and early 90’s. We aren’t sure if Luke has collected these recently but we assume so as no kid could have resisted the temptation to take these out of the packaging. Continue reading

Artist interview – Pokedstudio

We caught up with Jonathan Ball, also known as Pokedstudio, to chat about how his school career advisor talked him out of pursuing art and design as a career path, how he can’t quite remember where the name Pokedstudio came from and how, if he were religious, he would be seeing Jesus a lot.
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