Under the influence documentary trailer

Rodney P, a legendary UK Hip Hop figure, has started production on his brand new documentary, ‘Under the Influence’. Rodney will be looking into the story of Hip Hop, Reggae and Soul in the UK, interviewing the scene’s icons within these genres to find out how they have paved the way for the new generation of UK artists.

Under the Influence’s Hip Hop episode is now in production, and Rodney is currently interviewing producers and rappers. Having watched the trailer, we think this documentary is full of promise and looks to explore a story that, until now, has been largely untold. Rodney is also looking for suggestions of what to include in the series: “It’s important that we reflect the thoughts of the people in these films. I want to know the public’s opinion on who should be interviewed from the old and new school, if they feel Grime would exist without Hip Hop, and their favourite UK Hip Hop stories”. If you have a suggestion for Rodney, hit him up via his Facebook and let him know.