Streets of Rage soundtrack to get vinyl release

Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle in Japan) was Sega’s answer to Capcom’s Final Fight, which at the time only had a console version on the SNES. Sega needed a scrolling beat em up to compete with Final Fight, a triple ‘A’ title and hit in the arcades. There has been much debate about which game is better but one thing Sega certainly won on was the Sound Track. Sega commissioned chip tune music god Yuzo Koshiro to make the sound track which has now gone on to have a cult following.

The sound track took influences from most of the electronic and rave scene music of the time (1991) but it had the 16 bit and chip limitations of the Megadrive that has gone to give it a special charm. It’s influence can still be felt today with Bristol’s Dubstep producer Joker referencing Streets of Rage as one of his musical influences in an interview with Music Radar.

With the cult following that it has and the resurgent interest in vinyl, it’s easy to see why this is getting a vinyl release (we want a copy!). The vinyl release is under license from Sega to Data Discs and the only info we could find was on their Facebook page ‘We are proud to announce our first titles, STREETS OF RAGE and SHENMUE, produced under an exclusive license with SEGA to develop their back catalogue on vinyl. Preorders for both titles will open on 30th May through, with exclusive editions available to early orders. Records will ship in September. Copies will also be available from Mondo.’

If you haven’t heard the sound track before or you are looking to re-live some memories, we have found some video footage of Yuzo Koshiro DJ-ing many of the tunes from the Streets of Rage sound track in a smokey Tokyo club. It’s awesome to see music that was made for a computer game holding it’s own in a club environment.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4